Bijzondere fotoserie: kinderen over de hele wereld met hun favoriete speelgoed

Gabriele Galimberti is een Italiaanse fotograaf die over de hele wereld aan zijn fotografie-projecten werkt. Zijn project ’Toy Stories’ laat kinderen zien die poseren met hun meest geliefde speelgoed. Hoewel het speelgoed overal anders is, is de trots van de kinderen overal hetzelfde te zijn.


  1. Alaska – Verenigde Staten


2. Virginia – Verenigde Staten


3. Florence – Italie


4. Bombay – India


5. Kiev – Ukraine


6. Bogotá – Colombia


7. Montecchio – Italie


8. Cahuita – Costa Rica


9. Caïro – Egypte

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From my project TOY STORIES /// Farida, 4 – Cairo, Egypt /// Take a moment and think back to your childhood. The era in your life when the only thing you knew about a bill was that it was a bird’s equivalent of lips and your day job was to construct fantastical worlds with your favorite toys. In my series ‘Toy Stories’, I explore the connection between children and their toys and I try to give an insight into their tiny worlds and takes you on a trip down memory lane. ‘Toy Stories’ is the result of an 24 month round the world trip where I visited a variety of countries and cultures and took photographs of children and their toys. I would often take part in a child’s games prior to arranging the toys for the photograph. Despite some differences, I found similarities between children living worlds apart. Even in different countries, some children’s toys played the same function, or example protecting them from dangers and things they feared in the night. – Toys haven’t changed all that much since I was a kid. I’d often find the kind of toys I used to have, it was nice to go back to my childhood somehow. #toystories #toys #play #kids #child #children #toy #kid #egypt #cairo

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10. Ollon – Zwitserland


11. Aigle – Zwitserland

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