Hilarisch: de meest gênante uitspraken van kinderen op een rij

15.12.2016 13:00
Hilarisch: de meest gênante uitspraken van kinderen op een rij

Kinderen kunnen soms dingen zeggen waardoor je als buitenstaander niet meer kunt ophouden met lachen, maar als ouder het liefst door de grond wilt zakken. Bored Panda verzamelde dit soort hilarische uitspraken. Dit zijn onze favorieten op een rij: 

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1. Zo onschuldig, maar zo niet handig

“Friend’s son, 5 years old, pointed at a Muslim women in the mall wearing full garb (including face) and shouted, ‘Mom, a ninja!'”

Bron: dotdotdot_goose

2. Tja. Daar sta je dan langs het voetbalveld… 

“On our way to watch my daughter play soccer, my son was asking me about how babies were made. So I told him all about the sperm and they egg and so on. He seemed to reflect deeply about what I had said. Get to soccer and we sit among all the other parents and he blurts out ‘Dad, is your sperm still inside me?’ I almost fucking died.”

Bron: jibbletmonger

3. Gelukkig kon hij er om lachen

“My daughter once asked a black guy why he was made of chocolate. I was incredibly embarrassed. He thought it was hilarious.”

Bron: imjustgonnalurk 

4. Kijk, het levert dus wel iets op

“When I was 5 or 6 we were at my Dad’s company picnic. I was introduced to his boss and I told him, ‘My Daddy says you’re a son of a bitch.’ My Dad’s co-workers fed me ice cream all afternoon.”

Bron: agreeswithfishpal

5. Schatje, mama wil dat je NU je mond houdt

“Three-year-old daughter Madeleine said very loudly in public toilets: ‘Mummy, why do you have a beard on your bottom'”

Bron: Emma Gill

6. Deze vader heeft het een en ander uit te leggen 

“When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter we explained to my older daughter that mommy has a baby in her belly and daddy put it there. Well she always wants to be just like mommy so she started going around telling people she has a baby in her belly and her daddy put it there….. you can imagine the looks I got.”

Bron: Heather Hatfield