Volg-tip: deze instagram-vader is wel heel fanatiek

Alle instagram-vaders opgelet – you need to step up your game. Want Sholom Ber Solomon instagramt je zo omver. Deze 36-jarige man uit het verenigd koninkrijk heeft er zijn levensmissie van gemaakt hemzelf en zijn dochter op de meest originele manieren vast te leggen.

  1. #poopscience


2. Op babysafari



3. Kijk, Mufasa!



4. Casual tuinieren



5. Met je baby naar Hawaii



6. Oktoberfest met melk



7. #babymozart



8. Een duiveltje



9. Ketchup-peuter



10. Al vroeg begonnen als bouwvakker



11. Dinobabies



12. Dr. Bibber



13. Schaapjes tellen

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@sleepscore is easier than counting sheep for a good nights Z’s- Now to say that being a new parent is not a whole new experience, unlike any prior, is like suggesting getting tickets to see a monkey in a tuxedo singing renaissance opera isn’t the most entertaining Tuesday night you can have this month. The overwhelming love excitement passion and devotion to this new addition is exhilarating and phenomenal. But with great responsibility comes great exhaustion. I recently was introduced to this product called @sleepscore, it is unequivocally revolutionary. Without the need to be plugged up with electrodes like a dead car battery you simply download an app and place your phone next to the bed. After a normal nights sleep the app will give you incredibly useful data on how and how much you slept. The sleepscore app will also give you an in depth run down on your sleeping patterns by using your microphone and speaker to send and receive silent waves that are reflected off your body. The process is called echolocation and it's similar to what bats and dolphins use. With some help with your sacred Z’s you won’t need a bathtub of coffee or staple your eyelids to your forehead to appreciate your precious little munchkins first… everything. Also, you could win $25,000 by entering into @SleepScore and @PotteryBarn Sleep Sanctuary Sweepstakes! You just have to download the new app and track your sleep for 7 nights – simple! Enter this amazing sweepstakes through my link in bio #sleepscore #WhatsYourSleepScore #sweepstakes #dadlife #daddyhasalittlelamb

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14. Robin Hood

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With @sleepscore even Robin Hood can’t wake up this Daddy- I love the little nibble of chocolate nestled in the bottom of an ice cream cone. I love thinking of a hundred ways I’m going to spend the five dollar bill I found crumpled in the depths of my laundries back pocket. I love when skinny jeans gloriously fit around my rear even though I just polished a third sprinkle smothered sugar glazed donut. But what I LOVE and covet the most and in absolution is a restful and revitalizing night’s sleep. This is where @sleepscore becomes my savior. Simply download the SleepScore app and place your phone next to the bed. After a normal night’s sleep the app will give you incredibly useful data on how and how much you slept and recommendations on how to improve your sleep. Ultimately, with sleepscores assistance, a deliciously restful night Z’s will let you love it all. #sleepscore #WhatsYourSleepScore #sweepstakes #dadlife #lifeofdad #sheriffofsleepyham

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15. Baby’s got talent



16. De Kleine Zeemeermin



17. Of deze foto nou zo’n goed idee was?



18. Baby Spa


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